Wishlist Wednesday – Summer Reads

Summer Reads

I have to confess that, lately, I have been abandoning books left and right. I have started so many that, at any other time, I would probably find absolutely enthralling. However, given my crazy workload, I just can’t stick with them. So, I’ve been scouting out some prototypical “beach reads” for the summer months. Sometimes you just need something easy – a good story with a lot of mass appeal. These books are what I’m planning on grabbing for my upcoming flights, lazy days, beach trips, and long subway rides.

What are you reading this summer?

Monday Motivation


This week is crunch time for my dissertation proposal. I will officially propose on July 5th, and I have to submit my paper to my readers this week in order to allow them time to read my work. This has been an incredibly long time coming. I have been working toward proposing a dissertation for the past full year (if not longer), and I have finally landed on a feasible project, a solid literature, and a plan. The process has been long and arduous, and there will be much more to come. But the fact that I have gotten myself to this point is huge.

This week, as you consider your goals – big or small – remember that it doesn’t matter how long it takes you to achieve them. Just keep working to get there.

Happy Monday!

Wedding Wednesday – Skin Care

Skin Care

              Luna Night Oil | Vitamin C Eye Souffle | Vitamin C Serum |                                                  Cleanser | Complexion Water | Sunscreen Serum

As we get closer to the big day (!!!), I have started paying more attention to my skincare regimen. Skincare has always been important to me, but I am often reticent to spend a lot of money on products. Part of this is likely because I’ve been blessed with fairly uncomplicated skin, and so I don’t see the need for a ton of product, which could end up doing more harm than good. However, with my wedding on the horizon, I want to make sure that I look my absolute best, and I’ve found myself dipping into the world of high-end skin care products as a result. Above are the things that I use daily, including a light retinol oil for wrinkles, Vitamin C for even tone and protection, a gentle cleanser and toner, and a light SPF.

What skin care products do you use on a regular basis??

Monday Motivation

Things have been getting busy up in the Crazy household over the past few weeks. And I mean more than usual. With the semester rolling to a close, wedding season coming up quickly behind, and the prospect of applying to internship looming large, there haven’t been many dull moments around here. I have been exhausted, stressed, and all but completely burned out.

And yet, I still have to do my job. Doing therapy is hard, especially when you yourself are completely stressed and can think of a million other things that you could be doing with your time. I’ve found that the best way for me to get through this is by approaching every client – including myself – with love and compassion. When I frame things in this way, everything feels better. Judgment and criticism fall away, and you’re left with a sense of support.

This week, try to approach those around you with love. Even more importantly, approach yourself with love. Don’t underestimate the power that this can have for you and the people you come into contact with daily.

Happy Monday!

Monday Motivation


I never used to think of myself as a person who would prefer exercise classes over individual workouts. But over the past few years, I’ve found myself signing up for classes, rather than opting for the gym or a run in the park more and more. And then it hit me. The atmosphere of a class makes it harder for me to give up. A favorite instructor of mine at often says that you can choose how hard to make things for yourself in the class, but you can’t go home. And I’ve realized how important it is for me to not only be reminded of that, but to have someone to hold me accountable for it.

I know that this doesn’t apply to everyone, but I think that having that sense of accountability is universally applicable. When we have someone to hold us to our goals, we are just more likely to reach them. Trust me, it’s science. But beyond that, I think it’s also important to remember that just because you are sticking with it, doesn’t mean it doesn’t suck. I have to remind my clients all the time that expressing how you really feel is essential to achieving anything.

So, whether that’s screaming in the gym or crying at the office, let it happen. And then keep fighting through.

Happy Monday!

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday, All!

This weekend is a busy one for me, so let’s jump right into what I’ve been loving from around the internets this week!

Favorite Add-In


As the weather warms, my breakfasts tend to move from oatmeals and eggs to smoothies and cereals. After I saw this article about Jennifer Aniston’s daily smoothie ingredients, I immediately drank the kool-aid bought the ingredients she recommended, including this collagen peptide powder. I haven’t been using it for long enough to be able to tell if it’s making a difference, but if Jen says it works, I believe her.

Favorite Reminder



Screen Shot 2016-04-03 at 11.01.45 AM

I came upon this article from Bloglovin the other day, and I love the simple message. Don’t procrastinate the important things. It’s not worth it.

Favorite Anticipation

Screen Shot 2016-04-03 at 11.04.11 AM

I am beyond excited for this collaboration, from the adorable home accessories and outdoor furniture to the adorable tunics and swimwear. I have always been a huge fan of the prints and colors of marimekko, and I just can’t wait for this affordable version!

Favorite Beauty

Screen Shot 2016-03-28 at 9.29.58 AM

As you might know, I am a big fan of Glossier products. Now that they’ve come out with makeup, I am basically obsessed. I already purchased the Phase 2 kit and can say honestly that each item is wonderful. I especially love that each is fully buildable, which allows for a range of looks. Get 20% off your first order using this link.

What are you loving this week?

Wishlist Wednesday

Spring has been poking its head around here in New York for the past few weeks, and I am personally rather excited for it to finally decide to stick around.

Here are some of the things I’ve been thinking about purchasing as the weather teases us:

Spring Wishlist

Shoes | Dress | Wave Spray | Jeans | Book | Bag

These shoes are the perfect throw-it-on, wear-with-anything, run-around-the-city choice, while still looking super cute…

This dress screams spring, and it’s cute without being too revealing…

Excited to try this new line of hair products, and I love a good texturizing spray when my hair is shorter…

I already own these jeans, because I couldn’t handle waiting to buy them. They are super comfortable and fit like a dream…

In the spirit of spring cleaning, I’m dying to read this book (even though everyone else in the world already has, and has sort of spoiled the point of it for me)…

This bag seems like the perfect not-too-big, not-too-small option for running errands or just taking advantage of the soon-to-be beautiful weather (fingers crossed!)

What are you wishing for this spring?