Wedding Wednesday

Holy crap, our wedding is in 10 days!!

Time has seriously flown by! This week, as I’m focused on all of the tiny little details that are threatening to throw me into a panic attack at any given moment, I wanted to take some time here to turn toward the honeymoon!


hat | bikini | sandals | tote | coverup

Josh and I will be going to Greece for ten days. We had two stipulations for choosing a honeymoon location – that we could mix site-seeing with beach/pool relaxation, and that neither of us had ever been there before. In fact, we’d toyed with the idea of Greece before we even got engaged! I am so, so excited for this much needed R&R.

Any suggestions or recommendations for our time in Greece??

Monday Motivation


With our wedding coming up in just under two weeks, and my dissertation, internship applications, and other deadlines looming large as well, I have been feeling incredibly swamped. But it’s not usually until I have some downtime (like, on the weekends) that I realize how overwhelmed I’m really feeling. This past weekend, I took some time to take stock of what is truly most important. And while I am so excited for my wedding, I know that I really need to focus on the other stuff. And so I flipped my focus, and immediately calmed down. It might not be expected, and it might meet with some disapproving glances, but my education and my career is number one. I think I can say that because my relationship with Josh is so solid.

This week, I’m going to try to temper my anxiety by remembering that as long as I keep my priorities in mind, everything will fall into place. And that’s definitely true regardless of what your priorities might be.

Happy Monday!

What are your priorities this week?

Hello, Again



The past few months have been a complete blur. And in that time, I have completely let my little internet slice fall by the wayside. Let me update you a bit…

I have officially begun my fourth year of doctoral study. I’m not currently taking any classes, so that rings somewhat false in my head, but I am applying to internship now, and that is basically as real as it gets.

My research fellowship ended in mid-August. This means that I will be working from home A LOT – trying to finish up manuscripts, work on my dissertation, and hopefully blogging more. While I won’t have a steady income, this will hopefully make more time for tutoring clients, and give me the chance to actually complete my dissertation before the school year is done.

I (successfully) proposed my dissertation in early July, and am now a doctoral candidate. My topic and presentation were very well received, and I was incredibly proud of myself. Until I remembered that that was the easy part of the whole thing…

I went to a week-long “statistics camp” in Ann Arbor in order to learn the right way to analyze my dissertation data. It was surprisingly engaging.

I had two bridal showers, and they were both wonderful.

I had one bachelorette party. It was magical.

I turned 30 last week. It was anti-climactic.

Josh and I will be getting married in just three weeks, and I am feeling all of the feels. Literally. Excited, anxious, stressed, happy, scared, etc. etc. etc. Plus, I can’t stop watching My Big Fat American Gypsy Wedding. Someone please help me.

This summer was really, really stressful for me, although I can’t complain about any of the obligations that made it that way. I’m so looking forward to everything that the fall has in store, and I can’t wait to share it all with you!

Wishlist Wednesday – Summer Reads

Summer Reads

I have to confess that, lately, I have been abandoning books left and right. I have started so many that, at any other time, I would probably find absolutely enthralling. However, given my crazy workload, I just can’t stick with them. So, I’ve been scouting out some prototypical “beach reads” for the summer months. Sometimes you just need something easy – a good story with a lot of mass appeal. These books are what I’m planning on grabbing for my upcoming flights, lazy days, beach trips, and long subway rides.

What are you reading this summer?

Monday Motivation


This week is crunch time for my dissertation proposal. I will officially propose on July 5th, and I have to submit my paper to my readers this week in order to allow them time to read my work. This has been an incredibly long time coming. I have been working toward proposing a dissertation for the past full year (if not longer), and I have finally landed on a feasible project, a solid literature, and a plan. The process has been long and arduous, and there will be much more to come. But the fact that I have gotten myself to this point is huge.

This week, as you consider your goals – big or small – remember that it doesn’t matter how long it takes you to achieve them. Just keep working to get there.

Happy Monday!

Wedding Wednesday – Skin Care

Skin Care

              Luna Night Oil | Vitamin C Eye Souffle | Vitamin C Serum |                                                  Cleanser | Complexion Water | Sunscreen Serum

As we get closer to the big day (!!!), I have started paying more attention to my skincare regimen. Skincare has always been important to me, but I am often reticent to spend a lot of money on products. Part of this is likely because I’ve been blessed with fairly uncomplicated skin, and so I don’t see the need for a ton of product, which could end up doing more harm than good. However, with my wedding on the horizon, I want to make sure that I look my absolute best, and I’ve found myself dipping into the world of high-end skin care products as a result. Above are the things that I use daily, including a light retinol oil for wrinkles, Vitamin C for even tone and protection, a gentle cleanser and toner, and a light SPF.

What skin care products do you use on a regular basis??

Monday Motivation

Things have been getting busy up in the Crazy household over the past few weeks. And I mean more than usual. With the semester rolling to a close, wedding season coming up quickly behind, and the prospect of applying to internship looming large, there haven’t been many dull moments around here. I have been exhausted, stressed, and all but completely burned out.

And yet, I still have to do my job. Doing therapy is hard, especially when you yourself are completely stressed and can think of a million other things that you could be doing with your time. I’ve found that the best way for me to get through this is by approaching every client – including myself – with love and compassion. When I frame things in this way, everything feels better. Judgment and criticism fall away, and you’re left with a sense of support.

This week, try to approach those around you with love. Even more importantly, approach yourself with love. Don’t underestimate the power that this can have for you and the people you come into contact with daily.

Happy Monday!