Friday Favorites

It has been a while since I last posted. Apologies for the lapse! Between grading, finishing up my semester, doing some spring cleaning, and winding down from the past month, I haven’t really wanted to jump on here. Plus, at my cousin’s graduation party (Congratulations Jordan!!), I learned that my whole family is reading this blog, and I felt pressured to produce something good! Today, I am finally caving – even though I don’t have anything good – because I have missed writing for the past few days.

This week my favorites are going to be a little slim. I haven’t been doing much other than watching old re-runs, reading, and napping, and that has interfered with my insatiable shopping and internet searching. But here are a few of my favorites from this week:

Favorite Sip

I’m going back to basics this week with the classic green monster smoothie. With all of my experimentation, I had forgotten how good this smoothie really is.

Favorite Website

A place to collect, review, and discover books. You can get recommendations from friends, keep a list of books you want to read, and get recommendations from the computer. This is a fun way to waste some time.

Favorite Project

I love spring cleaning. It is literally my favorite thing to do after the spring semester ends. So much so that sometimes I can’t even wait until the semester ends, and I end up wasting a lot of time cleaning out everything instead of studying or writing. Oops. But this year I also have a project in mind. I am re-vamping my desk. Partly because I like order and cleanliness, and partly because I love buying new office supplies, I have been electronically collecting some key items and planning a new, feng shui approach to the layout of my desk.

I have been putting a lot of time and thought into how I am going to change everything up. The color theme is going to be white, black, and teal.

Favorite Bite

Williams-Sonoma Roasted Strawberry and Ricotta Bruschetta

Confession: I haven’t made this yet. But it looks so good, doesn’t it? I love the Williams-Sonoma website because they have a page that tells you what’s in season and some good recipes to make that highlight those ingredients. I have been buying strawberries like crazy lately because they are Josh’s favorite. This will make a great starter or snack, especially with cold white wine!

Happy Friday!!



Monday Motivation

I’m freaking out. I’m so far behind on everything. The semester is technically done today, and I have about 45 papers waiting to be graded by next Monday and a ton of writing to do that just isn’t done. At all. This quote seemed apt. Let’s all seize our Monday with a little fear and a lot of determination!

Friday Favorites

This week has been a nightmare. But I have a few Friday Favorites for you as we prepare for the weekend. Today I plan on doing as much work on my thesis as humanly possible. I think that if I don’t finish it today, my advisor will stop speaking to me. Hell, I’m going to stop speaking to myself!

Here we go:

Favorite Summer Look

I’m obsessed with this clean, business casual look from the Gap. Perfect for a summer work day.

Favorite Organizational App

Because I tutor, and because I’m in school, and because my life is basically a mess, I am always on the lookout for great organizational apps. This is the best one I’ve found lately.

Wunderlist is a to-do list app that allows you to share lists, separate lists into different categories, and syncs to your computer, phone, and the web. It’s clean and simple. My favorite part is that you can add sub-items to a pre-existing item on your list. So if I put “FINISH F-ING THESIS” on my list, I can put items such as “update reference list,” “incorporate edits,” and “finish results section” in under that main item. For me, this is an awesome feature.

Favorite Hospital-Approved Footwear

In the summer, finding footwear that is appropriate for an inpatient psych unit can be difficult. Open-toed shoes are not allowed. Nor should they be, considering all of the fluids and other substances one might find on the floor of a psych unit. For one, a lot of medications cause drooling. Let that sink in. So, I have been looking for breathable summer footwear that fits my externing needs.

Tom’s are an old standby. Comfy and inexpensive, with cute new patterns every season. And this season, Jonathan Adler has teamed up with the company to make some seriously killer options. I’m really into them. So much so that I may have to buy more than one pair! Plus, these have way better foot support than most sandals.

Favorite Bite


Chicken and Black Bean Taco Salad with Creamy Avocado Dressing

Josh and I teamed up to make this meal last night. I swear to G-d, I have never made something so easy. Well, I have, but this is really up there in terms of the easiest recipes of all time. The recipe is from SkinnyTaste, which is one of the best cooking sites ever. Everything I make from this site is awesome, and I never have to feel guilty about eating it. Clearly, my dishes come out looking a tad different, but I’m not really looking at them anyway…

Favorite Game

I probably shouldn’t post this here, because I feel like I’m going to ruin someone’s life if they haven’t heard about this yet. But here it is:

2048 is an amazing time waster and a great way to spend a ride on the subway, an insufferably boring lecture, or a quiet evening at home not talking to your loved ones.

Happy Friday!



Monday Motivation

I have to finish a huge paper, and I am nowhere close. My to-do list for today, for the week really, is enormous. But by the end of the week, everything will be done. I won’t give up. It’s hard, and sometimes everything sucks, but we can’t give up.

Embrace the day!

Saturday Scribbles – Finals


Have I mentioned that I’m in finals mode right now? I didn’t think so…

Here we go.

I have been aching for the semester to end. You know this. But I have also been planning quite a bit for the future of my academic career. Planning the courses that I will take throughout the doctoral program, deciding on my dissertation topic, and ranking possible externship sites for future applications has been taking over my life. That and my thesis. Am I EVER going to finish this freaking thesis??

I have been really into this new nail polish that I’m wearing this week.


I had a light pink gel manicure previous to this, and it had started to look really dingy. So I went to the drugstore to buy pure acetone so I could take it off myself. While there, I stumbled on this new Rimmel polish with Lycra in the formula! What!! It’s supposed to last 10 days. So far it has been holding up pretty well. And for less than $3 a bottle, it was worth experimenting.


I’m having brunch with a bunch of friends later this morning, and I feel supremely guilty about it. Brunch? During finals? Not OK. But when one of my best friends, who lives in Albany, says she’s coming into the city for the weekend, I don’t question it. It doesn’t help that Mother’s Day is tomorrow also, and there is nothing that I would rather do (pretty much EVER) than hang out with my mom.

I am skipping class on Monday to tutor. I feel guilty about that too, but not as much. Gotta pay the rent…

The rest of my schedule for next week (not even including the tutoring) is crazy, crazy, crazy. The main culprit? 15 papers from over-eager MA students that will range in length from 15-25 pages. Not including their SPSS output (read: statistics), which I will have to read through with a fine tooth comb. Someone get me some coffee. And some chocolate. And some aspirin.

I scheduled my week to the T so that I can get everything done and then sleep for the entire weekend. My planner looks like I vomited alphabet soup on it.

I have been going crazy on Etsy lately. In addition to the T-shirts I shared with you yesterday, I am really wanting a bunch of bracelets I found, fun candles, inspirational wall art. Basically, I want it all. Obviously.

I know. Awesome.

I am going stir crazy and I need to get the apartment cleaned, start cooking meals again, start reading books again, and re-claim my life. I can’t wait for the next week to go by.

Enjoy the weekend!!

Friday Favorites

Let’s start by saying that I should not be doing this Friday Favorites right now. I should be working on about four different papers. No, ACTUALLY four different papers. But my mind is wandering, and so is my google search history, and so I am going to share everything I’ve been loving this week with you, instead of getting my work done.

Favorite Read

Runner’s World is making a comeback in my life. I have a subscription, but every month since the marathon, I have felt too overwhelmed to more than glance at it. As the weather picks up, I have felt more inclined to read it. It’s quick, motivational, and loaded with awesome tips. Plus, I know the guy on the cover of the May issue!

Favorite Workout

(confession: I stole this photo from someone else’s blog somewhere on the internets)

SoulCycle!!! Since I stopped working there almost two months ago, I haven’t been back. But I walked in on Wednesday feeling like I really needed to get my sweat on and get back to my old self a little bit, and everything came flooding back to me. I was so happy to be home. I am going again today.

Favorite Basic

The black maxi skirt. I love a good maxi skirt. It’s perfect for everything. And I mean EVERYTHING. Want to look like a professional therapist? Maxi skirt and a cardigan! Want to look chic and relaxed on a Saturday afternoon? Maxi skirt and a T-shirt. Want to go out to dinner? Maxi skirt, cute tank, fun jewelry! Granted, I am not a fashion expert by any means, but any piece of clothing that I feel comfortable wearing in that many settings is something that I have to have. And I always get compliments.

Favorite Sounds

My apartment has been a crazy place lately. I have been drowning in school work (have a mentioned that yet??), Josh is gearing up for the boards, and there is construction going on down the hall. Plus Bo hates the construction, and barks at every noise he hears. So, I have resorted to using my Bose headphones (literally the BEST investment a lifetime student such as myself can make) and the nature sounds on Songza. Right now I’m listening to the Lake Sounds. It’s heaven.

Favorite Cute

I have been really into graphic T-shirts lately. I feel like I’m back in the late-90s, early-2000s. These are some of my favorites:

If you know me personally, then you know how perfect both of these Ts are for me. I may have to indulge in at least one of them.

Favorite Growth

Several months ago, I purchased some herbs to grow on our windowsill in the living room. Obviously, I forgot about them quickly after their purchase, and I basically killed them. But Josh somehow saved them! And now we have little basil growing in the window, and I’m obsessed with it.


Favorite Update

As I’ve said before, I’m really excited about the spring cleaning that will take place in my apartment once my semester is over. It’s going to be the best. I found this list of cute updates that I am really into.

This is my favorite one:

Happy Friday!!

Summer Books, 2014

Summer Books, 2014
As the semester starts winding down, my thoughts have been turning to the quieter days of summer. This always happens when the promise of free days and warm park benches (or snuggly covers, in the case of winter break) becomes tangible. It takes all my willpower not to turn the two thin pages in my planner and see the absolute freedom coming my way.
In an effort to both save money and save my head from exploding, I have decided not to take a summer course this year. My first year as a doctoral student has been a whirlwind – more like a tornado – and I really think I need the break. And it’s not like it will be much of a break. I will still have to continue seeing patients on externship, prepare my thesis for submission to journals, write my dissertation pre-proposal, and put together my Abnormal Psych undergraduate class. I will have tons of reading, writing, and thinking to do, whether or not I force myself into the classroom.
Reading pleasure books is one of the small things that I can only indulge in during my “off-season”. So I have to plan for it, and think wisely about how I’m going to dedicate that time. All of these books have gone through a rigorous internal selection process. And I’m excited to get started.
What are you reading this summer? Are any of these books on your list?