Friday Favorites – What’s In My Bag

You know those magazine articles where they show you inside a celebrity’s bag? I love those. I love blog posts like that too. So, this week, in honor of going back to work after a week off (and therefore cleaning out and re-packing my bag), I decided to do a “What’s in My Bag Post!”



As you may know, when I am out of the house, whether it’s for therapy sessions, tutoring sessions, school, or research responsibilities, I’m usually out for many hours. I like to have everything with me at all times. I often wear a huge, shapeless tote or a backpack (my favorites here and here, and my dream bag here and here).

Glasses (Warby Parker) – whether I’m wearing my glasses or not, I like to have a case with a backup pair of contacts in tow. That way, if I’m wearing contacts and my eyes dry out, I have another option, and if I decide to pop into a workout class, I can always switch into contacts!

Scarf – Helps keep me warm in chilly therapy rooms and can serve as an extra layer if the weather gets weird. This one is from Lululemon and is old, but this one is similar.

Reading material – With an hour-long commute both ways, I like to have a book (or two!) on hand. These are my current reads.

Planner – despite the added weight, I never leave home without it. Key for last minute tutoring appointment changes, therapy session reminders, and to-do lists.

Water Bottle – This one is light, keeps my water cold forever, and is pretty.

Everyday Necessities – Blistex Chapstick, MetroCard (Monthly Unlimited!), Hospital ID, Pens, and a Pencil

Snacks – I am currently loving these bars, like a candybar with clean ingredients and a high protein content!

Therapy Essentials – Trader Joe’s Mints and Tea (because I have to talk a lot), Lavender Oil (to regulate emotions – theirs, or mine), and Mini Play-Doh (to assist with mindfulness practice in session) in an old Glossier pouch.

Subway Essentials – Tissues, Purell, and Headphones. Because, duh.

iPhone Charger – for days when I get stood up and spend an hour scrolling through Instagram, and therefore killing my battery.

Beauty Essentials – Perfume roller, Boy Brow, and Balm Dot Com (for days when I want to look even just a little put together) in this adorable pouch.

What’s in your bag?


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