Monday Motivation


One of my resolutions for 2017 was to establish a more consistent meditation practice. For many years, I have dabbled in meditation, trying different books and apps along the way. Whenever I meditate, especially when I keep up the practice with some regularity, I find myself feeling more at ease. But then real life gets in the way, and I lose the momentum. It’s definitely hard to schedule in something like meditation – literally just sitting and breathing – when our lives feel so jam-packed. But the benefit, at least for me, is tangible.

We are halfway through January now, and I have to say that I have seen great progress in my pursuit of this resolution. I haven’t meditated every day, nor have I done it at the same time every day, or in the same way every time I’ve done it. I have chosen to pursue this resolution (in particular) with ease. For me, this means maintaining regularity without strict rules, so that if I can fit it in more easily in the middle of the day rather than the morning, choose to skip a day, or whatever, it’s totally fine. This is what works for me.

In addition, I set out to find a place where I could check in. People often talk about establishing means for accountability when working toward goals. I found a meditation studio that feels comfortable and not dogmatic, and I have gone there a few times to connect with the practice and community.

So, the point of today’s post is to encourage you to find what works for you as you continue to pursue your resolutions, goals, intentions, etc. Here’s hoping we can all make it through to February feeling accomplished.


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