About Crazy


My name is Mallorie, and I am a clinical psychology doctoral student. Welcome to my blog.

I don’t have a big story for why I started this blog, other than the fact that I was feeling really stressed about incorporating a healthy lifestyle into my crazy academic schedule, and was having trouble finding a place that addressed that in the blog world. Most of the clinical psychology students I know tend to put their health on the back burner during most of their 5+ years of school, and that option was and is not for me.

My blog got its name because of the ways that I occupy my time. In my academic life, I study psychopathology. In my free time, I workout as much as I can and cook as frequently as possible. This tends to turn my schedule into a non-stop jumble of craziness. I like to juggle many different things at once, am constantly taking on a little more than I can comfortably handle, and I love getting a little crazy! (I have been known to suddenly bust a move for no reason, oftentimes accompanied by an impromptu song)

I use the word “crazy” in my blog with love and respect. I personally have struggled with mental illness in the form of anxiety and depression, and continue this struggle on an almost daily basis. I am also incredibly neurotic, and have been diagnosed with symptoms of OCD. The obsessive-compulsive tendencies will definitely (and especially) make themselves known in this blog.

I live, study, and work in New York City, where I was born and raised. Originally from the Park Slope neighborhood of Brooklyn, I have been a resident of the Upper East Side of Manhattan since I was nine years old. My college years were spent in Madison, Wisconsin (Go Badgers!!!), after which I spent a short stint in medical school (which I hated, and left) in the Caribbean, where I met my amazing boyfriend.

I continue to live on the Upper East Side today with said boyfriend, and our puppy. (Although he is still technically a puppy as I write this, I will never not refer to him as a puppy, even when he is 15)

These are some things I love, in no particular order:

  • Dark Chocolate
  • Elephants
  • Coffee – the stronger, the better
  • Law and Order – original and SVU
  • Wine (preferably a New Zealand Sauv Blanc)
  • Shoes
  • Bananas – of the barely ripe (almost green) variety
  • Bo, my pup (pictured below)

Bo – lover of fruits, vegetables, and cuddling

I also enjoy reading good books in the sun, shopping, and organizing everything in sight. I also enjoy watching sports, especially Wisconsin Badger Football and NY Giants Football. Because my boyfriend is from a different part of the country, I have been forced to try to enjoy Detroit Lions Football (does anyone like this?!?), Detroit Tigers Baseball, Detroit Redwings Hockey, and golf. I have been forced to watch, but REFUSE to EVER enjoy, Michigan Wolverines sports of any kind. (I take Wisconsin’s rivalries very seriously) 

For professional and privacy-related reasons, I will never post pictures of my face, or mention my institution. This is only because as I enter the world of clinical psychology, I want to maintain a professional discourse that is not related to my personal life, which includes the things that I discuss here. I will, however, post a gratuitous number of photos of other things, mainly my dog.

I hope that by offering my personal experience, I can be helpful to those of you who also struggle with balancing a challenging academic schedule and a healthy lifestyle. I hope that for those of you who do not have the mixed blessing of this struggle, that you will find some other worth or commiseration in what I have to say.

Thank you so much for stopping by.

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