Friday Favorites – What’s In My Bag

You know those magazine articles where they show you inside a celebrity’s bag? I love those. I love blog posts like that too. So, this week, in honor of going back to work after a week off (and therefore cleaning out and re-packing my bag), I decided to do a “What’s in My Bag Post!”



As you may know, when I am out of the house, whether it’s for therapy sessions, tutoring sessions, school, or research responsibilities, I’m usually out for many hours. I like to have everything with me at all times. I often wear a huge, shapeless tote or a backpack (my favorites here and here, and my dream bag here and here).

Glasses (Warby Parker) – whether I’m wearing my glasses or not, I like to have a case with a backup pair of contacts in tow. That way, if I’m wearing contacts and my eyes dry out, I have another option, and if I decide to pop into a workout class, I can always switch into contacts!

Scarf – Helps keep me warm in chilly therapy rooms and can serve as an extra layer if the weather gets weird. This one is from Lululemon and is old, but this one is similar.

Reading material – With an hour-long commute both ways, I like to have a book (or two!) on hand. These are my current reads.

Planner – despite the added weight, I never leave home without it. Key for last minute tutoring appointment changes, therapy session reminders, and to-do lists.

Water Bottle – This one is light, keeps my water cold forever, and is pretty.

Everyday Necessities – Blistex Chapstick, MetroCard (Monthly Unlimited!), Hospital ID, Pens, and a Pencil

Snacks – I am currently loving these bars, like a candybar with clean ingredients and a high protein content!

Therapy Essentials – Trader Joe’s Mints and Tea (because I have to talk a lot), Lavender Oil (to regulate emotions – theirs, or mine), and Mini Play-Doh (to assist with mindfulness practice in session) in an old Glossier pouch.

Subway Essentials – Tissues, Purell, and Headphones. Because, duh.

iPhone Charger – for days when I get stood up and spend an hour scrolling through Instagram, and therefore killing my battery.

Beauty Essentials – Perfume roller, Boy Brow, and Balm Dot Com (for days when I want to look even just a little put together) in this adorable pouch.

What’s in your bag?

Friday Favorites: Planning Tools


Weekly Planner Pages | Color Pens | Notepad | Planner Notebook | Meal Plan Pad

My favorite thing to do at the end of each week is to plan for the week ahead. Since 2017 is just a few days away, and planning for a successful year is has been on my mind recently, I decided to take time to talk about some of my favorite planning tools!

To Do Lists!

To Do lists are my favorite! They help me clear my mind, plan out my day, and feel in control. I love this digital dowload from Thyme is Honey for planning out my tasks for the week. I also love her Daily Page, but have found that the new weekly planner pages fit my needs just a bit better. I also like to use this pretty notepad from Ashley Brooke Designs for random ideas while I’m planning.


Pens are so important. I love these colorful, thin-tipped pens for jazzing up my planner and lists. I also swear by these black pens for more regular use.

Meal Planning

I’ve definitely talked about my love of meal planning before. I like to use this notepad to keep track of everything. I recently started using a weekly calendar like this one (I can’t find the source for this, unfortunately) with 5 slots per day so I can delineate breakfast, lunch, dinner, and two daily snacks.  This helps Josh and I stay on target with our healthy eating goals. Once I plan our meals, I make a grocery list (and cross-match that with what I have in the fridge). This SERIOUSLY cuts down on food waste.


My planner is the single most important thing that I have for my personal organization. I will never go digital, although I do use my phone for certain reminders (like exercise classes, in particular). Whatever planner you choose, make sure it works for you. I have tried basically everything, and I like one with lots of space for lists and goals, but have found that a planner with an hourly layout is a waste for me and doesn’t fit my needs.

Without these organizational tools, I would be totally lost.

What do you use to stay organized?

Friday Favorites


It’s been so cold this week! I’m happy to have seasonally appropriate weather, but I’m also very excited to spend some extra time cuddling in bed with Bo this weekend!

Here are a few of my favorite things from around this internet this week.

I’ve been reading this book lately, and I’m really enjoying it. I’m a huge Dave Eggers fan, and this novel doesn’t disappoint.

This hair guide is answering all of my “how do I wear my hair with my winter hats” questions.

My friend recently shared this gift list with me. Despite my previously mentioned distaste for gift guides of late, this one made me smile. I particularly loved this one and this one.

I love Well+Good for their great articles. This week, I bookmarked this advice, these meditation tips, and this nighttime suggestion.

Josh found this “moment” on Twitter last weekend and he immediately sent it to me (then it took me 10 minutes to figure out what I was looking at, since I don’t understand Twitter). As a native New Yorker, I am constantly annoyed by people who don’t follow the unwritten rules of the city. I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve texted Josh, angrily venting about some issue on the subway. Needless to say, I strongly identified with these gifs.

Happy Friday!!

Wishlist Wednesday


I don’t know about you, but I have been totally overloaded with “gift guides” this year. Josh and I decided not to get eachother gifts this year, so I haven’t been feeling very festive. So, in lieu of a “gift guide,” I thought I’d just share some of the things on my personal wishlist…

I have to admit that I first saw this planner on Instagram, and I was pulled in. After researching it a bit, I can’t stop fantastizing about it. #totalnerd #jammin’onmyplanner

I have the FitBit Alta and I really love it. This band elevates the look of the FitBit in such a cool way!

This mug is just adorable and uplifting.

I randomly happened upon these hats on Etsy recently, and I just think they are so cute and cozy looking! Plus, each purchase benefits orphans in Haiti!

What’s on your wishlist this year?

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday!!

I’m excited for the weekend, and hoping to take full advantage of the time for rest and relaxation. Here are some of my recent favorite things:

Favorite Snack:


Chocolate Zucchini Bread! I’m loving this tried-and-true recipe, with almond flour, protein powder, coconut sugar (my own substitute), Greek yogurt, and dark chocolate chips. It’s great for a mid-morning pick-me-up!

Favorite Binge:


If you haven’t watched the new “season” of Gilmore Girls on Netflix yet, then do I have a great weekend activity for you!! Love, love, love.

Favorite Reads:

Two quick articles I’ve enjoyed of late include one on how to keep your skin looking fresh during/after a flight: Heyday’s Guide to Hydration; and one on why happiness is so important: Happiness and Brain Function!!

Favorite Loungewear:


I am officially obsessed with these pants, and haven’t really stopped wearing them since I bought them in August. They are comfy, soft, versatile, and have a great fit. I’m considering buying another pair. Highly recommend.

What are you loving this week?


Friday Favorites: Fall Wishlist


top | pants | sweater | boots | necklace

The cooler temps have arrived in New York, and while they make me sad I had to leave Greece, I do love fall fashion! As usual, I’m drawn toward dark colors and clean silhouettes. And I’m really loving boxy tops lately – so comfy and easy to wear, while still looking pulled together. I’m also really into these pants – professional, yet stretchy. Although on-trend, these pieces all seem like they will stand the test of time, making them worth the purchase despite my current, post-wedding bank account dip.

What are you dreaming of wearing this Fall?

Wedding Wednesday

Holy crap, our wedding is in 10 days!!

Time has seriously flown by! This week, as I’m focused on all of the tiny little details that are threatening to throw me into a panic attack at any given moment, I wanted to take some time here to turn toward the honeymoon!


hat | bikini | sandals | tote | coverup

Josh and I will be going to Greece for ten days. We had two stipulations for choosing a honeymoon location – that we could mix site-seeing with beach/pool relaxation, and that neither of us had ever been there before. In fact, we’d toyed with the idea of Greece before we even got engaged! I am so, so excited for this much needed R&R.

Any suggestions or recommendations for our time in Greece??