Wishlist Wednesday


I don’t know about you, but I have been totally overloaded with “gift guides” this year. Josh and I decided not to get eachother gifts this year, so I haven’t been feeling very festive. So, in lieu of a “gift guide,” I thought I’d just share some of the things on my personal wishlist…

I have to admit that I first saw this planner on Instagram, and I was pulled in. After researching it a bit, I can’t stop fantastizing about it. #totalnerd #jammin’onmyplanner

I have the FitBit Alta and I really love it. This band elevates the look of the FitBit in such a cool way!

This mug is just adorable and uplifting.

I randomly happened upon these hats on Etsy recently, and I just think they are so cute and cozy looking! Plus, each purchase benefits orphans in Haiti!

What’s on your wishlist this year?

Monday Motivation


I would be lying if I said that the past few weeks have been easy for me. I have struggled to keep my spirits up as I get bad news over and over again. And although it’s been super hard to stay focused on the good things, I keep telling myself that everything happens for a reason.

So, this week, I’m going to focus on my personal goals and try to be productive. There is nothing like making your own luck.

Happy Monday!

What I Ate Wednesday: A Day in the Life…

You know those posts where people take you through their whole day? I love those. So, that’s what’s happening.

Recently, I’ve been trying to get back on track with my fitness goals, including eating mostly clean, working out regularly, and practicing self-care. Although no longer have a “job” has made some of this easier, it’s also made some aspects a bit more difficult. Last Tuesday was a perfect example of how I manage this difficult balance…


Wake up at 6:15am, time for coffee, my multivitamin, and a quick scan of the news. Then 15 minutes of meditation with the app I’ve been using lately (and loving) to get myself back on track.

By 6:45, I’m ready for breakfast – Vital Farms eggs with spinach and avocado on an Ezekiel English muffin – and planning my day. I like to spend a few minutes each morning listing my important tasks and planning out how my full day will go (this is particularly helpful when I have multiple clients and/or meetings throughout the day!). Then I quickly put together lunch for Josh – leftovers from last night’s lunch, plus snacks. I just bought us these two-tiered lunch boxes, and we both love them!

Around 7:15, I’m out the door into the rainy day, with the rest of my coffee in my to-go cup. Sneak in a little light, theoretical reading on the subway to my first client of the day.

Late Morning

Since my Tuesday morning client is near Union Square, I like to take the opportunity to visit Trader Joe’s when it isn’t a complete nightmare. Who knew that the best time to shop for reasonably priced deliciousness is on Tuesday at 10am!? I got home around 10am, just in time to get ready for a workout and eat a quick snack. A pumpkin protein muffin did the trick, and then it was off to Pure Barre for a much needed LTB session.

When I got home around 12pm, I jumped right in the shower. My post-shower routine is quick and easy, including a spritz of rosewater on my face, a full body spray of moisturizer, and a smear of Glossier Priming Moisturizer.


After a shower and a little tidy-ing up around the apartment, it’s time for lunch. Like Josh, I’m digging into leftovers – Cauliflower Stir-Fried Rice from dinner last night. Delicious. I ended the meal with a few Dark Chocolate Covered Mint Stars from TJs. And then a few more.

Finally, around 1:30pm, it’s time for me to sit down and do some work. Today, I’m focused on analyzing data, and writing up the subsequent results, for my dissertation. Tedious AF.

Around 4pm, I grab a snack of popcorn and Health-Ade kombucha. I have two tutoring appointments in the evening, and I am not looking forward to going back out in the rain. I do some quick dinner prep before heading out, knowing that Josh will finish it up before I get home.


After two tutoring clients and shuttling myself all over town, I’m back home and in sweats around 9:30pm. Zucchini noodles with turkey meatballs and marinara sauce makes for a quick and easy weeknight meal. I had some red wine alongside, and finished off with some ice cream (surprise, surprise). Josh and I watched Jeopardy, and finally started Atlanta. Around 11:30pm, before heading to bed, I threw together lunch of Josh and myself for the next day – Kale Salad with apples, tempeh, and cranberries; plus pumpkin protein muffins and some blackberries, and carrots with hummus for a couple mid-day snacks. Bo was not into it, apparently.

So, that was my day! What do ya think!?

Monday Motivation


Last week sucked.

I spent most of the week getting only bad news, and by the end, it was all I could do to not roll up in a ball and feel bad for myself. To be honest, I did some of that, too. No matter how many times I heard comforting things from my friends and family, it made little difference to my sense of failure.

Finally, (with a little help from one of my supervisors and, more importantly, my mom) I realized that doubting myself was only making matters worse. Perhaps things won’t work out. If they don’t, it won’t stop me from working toward my goals. But doubting myself will only tear me down.

This week, I’m going to stay positive – and I will keep dreaming.

Happy Monday!

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday!!

I’m excited for the weekend, and hoping to take full advantage of the time for rest and relaxation. Here are some of my recent favorite things:

Favorite Snack:


Chocolate Zucchini Bread! I’m loving this tried-and-true recipe, with almond flour, protein powder, coconut sugar (my own substitute), Greek yogurt, and dark chocolate chips. It’s great for a mid-morning pick-me-up!

Favorite Binge:


If you haven’t watched the new “season” of Gilmore Girls on Netflix yet, then do I have a great weekend activity for you!! Love, love, love.

Favorite Reads:

Two quick articles I’ve enjoyed of late include one on how to keep your skin looking fresh during/after a flight: Heyday’s Guide to Hydration; and one on why happiness is so important: Happiness and Brain Function!!

Favorite Loungewear:


I am officially obsessed with these pants, and haven’t really stopped wearing them since I bought them in August. They are comfy, soft, versatile, and have a great fit. I’m considering buying another pair. Highly recommend.

What are you loving this week?


Monday Motivation


I hope that the long weekend was restorative for everyone out there in the internets. Josh and I managed to combine family time, relaxation, shopping, and some good old fashioned catching up on life – so generally, successful. But now, I have to get back to the grind pretty hard. I’m trying to ignore my inbox and the unknown land of internship application review, while also getting something tangible done on my dissertation. I am meeting with my mentor on Friday and so far, I have little to show for the time since we last met.

The holiday season always brings a lot of distraction, through get-togethers and parties, huge meals and heavy desserts, shopping and gift-giving/-receiving, and more. The downside is that this often sets us up to feel unproductive in our goals (work, fitness, or self-care related) by the time the new year rolls around, and this is what makes resolutions feel so necessary. So this week, I am going to stay focused. Not just because I have a huge day of reckoning ahead of me, but because if I don’t, I will fall behind and end up regretting it.

Time to throw my hair into that messy bun and get to work!

Happy Monday!

Wedding Wednesday: Toning, Weight Loss, and Sweating (or, How I Defeated My Wedding Dress)

Tomorrow (Thanksgiving), Josh and I will have been married for exactly two months. We got our pictures back a few weeks ago, and I am definitely planning on doing a full wedding post in the near future. But what I wanted to focus on, more than anything, was how I got myself physically ready for my wedding day.


From the moment that I selected my dress, I was scared out of my mind. The dress I chose was perfect for me in every sense – classic, sexy, pretty – except that the body-hugging, low-back design was straight up intimidating. I never wanted to be one of those brides who starved herself or worked out a million times a day (or both) to fit into her dress. In fact, I went in to look for a dress expecting to be the exact same size and planning not to change my routines all that much in the coming months. I wanted to feel good in my dress regardless of how my body might change (or not) as we got closer to the wedding. When I found my dress, I knew that I could feel good in it no matter what. But I also knew that my fitness goals would have to include toning my arms, back, and butt.

Screen Shot 2016-11-20 at 2.01.44 PM.png

Over the next few months, I (basically) stuck to the promises I had made to myself. I never starved myself, I worked out daily but never to excess, and I kept a balanced (aka pizza & burgers) outlook. When I started going for fittings, I got a little more worried about my body, but my seamstress quickly squashed that. She even told me to keep eating ice cream.


So, what did I do to meet my fitness goals without driving myself crazy? Two things: Barre classes and Tone It Up. I had been doing barre classes for a while before I bought my dress, but I definitely stepped it up when I hit 6 months out. However, things didn’t really start to come together for me until a few months later, when Josh and I went to Michigan to visit his family, and his sister introduced me to Tone It Up. If you haven’t heard of this program, TIU is a fitness program that includes nutrition guidelines, meal plans and recipes, and daily workouts. While I relied mostly on barre – specifically Physique57 and Pure Barre – for my workouts, TIU became my number one guide for nutrition leading up to my wedding. And it really paid off.


After almost two months of slacking off HARD, I am back on my fitness grind, and I feel really good about it. I was never unhappy with my body, but I have never felt better about myself than I did in the weeks leading up to my wedding. I felt toned, healthy, and confident. And I felt damn good in my dress.